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Joe Candillo, PhD Pascua Yaqui

My name is Joe Candillo and I am a proud tribally enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona (Federally recognized tribe). I have a PhD in American Studies with a concentration on Indigenous Studies, a Masters Degree in American Indian Studies, and an undergraduate degree in Anthropology.

In addition to being well educated in the Western school of thought, I am proud to say that I have learned many material culture techniques and survival skills directly from indigenous craftspeople as well as tribal elders from diverse indigenous communities. It is from this knowledge that I draw inspiration when recreating my arts. I have created traditional material culture items for collectors as well as a number of State and National museums such as the National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian) and Meadowcroft Rockshelter.

I have taught classes in Native American studies for a number of Universities. I have also presented in many venues to diverse audiences including school and scout groups, academic conferences, civic groups, festival visitors, museums docents, and national / state historic sites. My research background and artistic focus is generally centered on Indigenous material culture traditions, spirituality, and traditional aboriginal survival skills (pre-Columbian – 1900’s)

I am an advocate of authenticity and the traditional arts. Each original piece I create is made by intensely researching style and material culture techniques in association with a particular time period and cultural region. I am highly respectful of original works of art and DO NOT specifically focus on reproducing original pieces. I also do not sell “sacred” objects which have been used in a ceremonial context. Although my work may look antique, it is fully functional and created in a traditional manner.

I have been blessed to make many very good friends amongst both the Nakoda and A'aninin. Two summers ago an A'aninin Pipe Bearer gave me a quilt I would like to give him a pipe in return but had not found one that appeared authentic (real not hokey) to give him until I stumbled upon your website.


Joe, Believe me, I have done many projects over the years and have used the 'Best" most recognized names in the business (of restoration/preservation work), while the work was good it just never always measured up to the price-value paid. Your work is right where I like it and the value is the same, I can see hundreds of projects and I don't see an end! So, I'll keep you busy my friend! Thank you Joe, I can't say that enough, and like I said, I'll keep you busy from one project to the next!


I wanted to let you know that I have received the roach, and I am speechless. It is a fantastic piece, especially the added turkey feathers. Once again, thank you so much and I hope to be doing more business in the future.


Hi Joe, Yesterday I went out hunting for the last time this fall, and I bagged a gobbler with your bow and one of the lithic tipped arrows. The bow shoots beautifully- very smooth, powerful and quite accurate. I think I've said before that the bow felt like a part of me, but on this hunt, using your arrows, it wasn't just a part of me- it seemed to come alive in my hands and guide my shots. I've always believed in Native American medicine, but I know it is a very personal and sensitive subject. I'd like to thank you for sharing some of yours with me through that magnificent bow and the accompanying arrows. About the hair accoutrements, they are amazing- they look to me exactly as if one of my distant ancestors had made them. I tried everything on, and I felt transported back 300 years or more... I will have to grow out my hair a bit more for the roach, but the pin held it in place nicely.


I just wanted to let you know I received the items today. They are absolutely beautiful! I couldn't be happier! You do fantastic work and the quality is amazing. Thank you so much! I will treasure and thoroughly enjoy these items for years and years to come. I am definitely interested in purchasing more items from you in the near future.



For generations Native Americans have been taking pride in creating beautiful works of arts and crafts. These works were traditionally made by using ancient techniques passed down to Native Americans by our beloved ancestors. Sadly, Native Americans have more recently become aware that our traditional arts are being reproduced by fraudulent non-Indigenous merchants who are marketing their reproductions as Native American made while posing as real Native artisans. This type of fraudulence is making unscrupulous merchants millions of dollars selling fake “Native American arts and crafts” while legitimate Native American craftspeople are being run out of business. Consequently this has further created a tragic situation where some estimate at least 40% of traditional crafts have disappeared within tribal communities compared to the crafts made in Native communities in the not-so-distant past.

Often the work produced by fraudulent merchants is made cheaply and contrary to tribal customs. Further, most of the revenue generated from selling fake Native American crafts never reach real Native American people or communities. Some estimates suggest that between 400 and 800 million dollars a year are being lost to fraudulent merchants who continue an insidious tradition of taking advantage of Native people. This fraudulence not only negatively impacts real Native American artists it also impacts the Native American art collector. Fake “Native American” arts and crafts produced by these fraudulent merchants’ amounts to very little in terms of a real investment in authentic Native American works. This insidious method of mining out our culture must stop and YOU can help prevent this from happening!

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Today there are many teachers who claim to be experts at teaching many subjects in Native American studies. Many of these teachers are not Native Americans themselves. There is no better a teacher of Native American subjects than a Native American! This being said, gaining an emic perspective of Native American culture, history, etc. is crucial in the process of learning authentically. Every year I offer a number of diverse classes and programs focused on a sundry of subjects pertaining to Native Americans. My classes can be custom designed to fulfill a number of state required education learning objectives as well as Scout merit badge requirements. Here are a few classes I will be offering throughout the year.

  • Here are a few classes I Offer

  • The Eastern Woodland Frontier Experience
  • Animal Tracking & Wildlife Respect
  • Native American Storytelling
  • Traditional Native American Hunting Tools
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